Gym Peeves

I can’t wait for the stupid New Year’s Resolution-like vigor to die down at the gym. As a regular gym-goer, I can assure you that in about a month from now, this crowd here will almost appear as though from some far-off, made up nightmare. Fingers crossed.

I’m Just People Watching the Other People Watching Me

The problem with having an awesome view, overlooking campus from my dorm room, is the fact that I can’t stop people-watching! I swear, I’m gonna learn some of the regulars’ schedules soon.  It’s so interesting to see so many different faces and fashions and styles of walking (or styles of running if you’re brand new here and STILL think it is acceptable to go all Usain Bolt while carrying 50 pounds of learning materials upon your back). I guess it’s really kind of cool to view others through what can virtually be seen as a one-way mirror.  I can see them, but I doubt that any of them have stopped and looked up to check out why they’re experiencing that ominous feeling of being watched.  It is, therefore, both a public and very private endeavor that I undertake, which is kind of neat. 

….It’s also distracting as all get out so I really need to make myself close these blinds at some point.