Bang bang bang shoot shoot bullet bullet

I’m convinced that little boys must all attend some convention minutes after they’re born where they learn how to make blowing up and shooting noises with their mouths. It seems that without this secret convention, Hot Wheels and Tonka Trucks would be put out of business. Because let’s be real…toy cars and airplanes and boats just wouldn’t be fun if there was no possibility for them to wreak imaginary havoc with such lifelike sound effects.

And then all of the attractive men gathered together and said, “Let us coordinate and go to the gym at all of the times when Christa will not be there.” And they saw that this was good and adhered to their brotherly oath for the rest of the summer. The end.


Should have posted this two days ago, but I have officially read the entire Harry Potter series after my goal of doing so 5 years ago. Only took me a month too! Better late than never I suppose… *proceeds to hide face in shame*